2018 Florida General Election Progressive Voter Guide – Pinellas County

My wife and I had trouble pulling a readable copy of the 2018 Democratic Progressive Caucus voter guide from the Pinellas DPCF Facebook site so I am reposting it here. A vote for these candidates sends a message to your local deplorables that their hate and bigotry will not be tolerated. Please share this website and guide with all of your friends

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2018 progressive voters guide
2018 General Election. Progressive Democratic Candidate guide for Pinellas County Florida


Ammendment guide Florida 2018
2018 General Election. Progressive Democratic Amendment guide for Pinellas County Florida.


  • Alan Lawson – NO
  • Anthony K. Black – YES
  • Darryl C. Casanueva – YES
  • Edward C. LaRose – NO
  • Susan H. Rothstein-Youakim – NO
  • 6th Circuit – Roxanne Fixen

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